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10 September 2005 @ 09:04 pm
don't you know who i am, take a look at who i am...  

wow its been awhile now and katrina is still reaking havoc, even though she is long gone.  its horrible.  everyone has a different take on it all, its overwhelming to me... i work at ryan's (steakhouse) now and a lot of the people who have came in have voice their opinon about things.. its sad to think about it really... it depresses me. 

i feel so bad for the families and i look at where i am right now, i am lucky because i have a family to come home to everyday. i have my husband, step daughter and my puppy.  some people lost the only thing meaningful in their lives, their pets. that completely upsets me to no end seeing the children and the pets without anyone or searching. i am hurt by all of the survivors who have lost.. its just overwhelmingly sad to me.    

 i'm not in the greatest shape as it is, jeff and i had a pow~wow (the serious, LAST talk) earlier this week. i told him that this is his last chance to prove to me that he's going to try to change his ways or i'm gone.    even with that and the stress we've had.. i'm still thankful, as is anyone who hasn't been affected by katrina.  (which even if we weren't physically connected, we are all in some way emotionally connected)  like i said, i have my family.     i still pray for everyone that lost.....       

we're supposed to be taking in some people from LA here (tri cities) from what i've heard they have yet to show up though. so who knows.  my mom has already mentioned they've taken in people in asheville (nc)  its so great to see the people out there givign just anything to help.  it makes me realize that this nation is so banded together.


in other news, i heard from kim this week.  i got a letter from her.... it was unexpected.... but i wrote her back.  she seems to being doing okay, but her depression is kicking in again as its been almost two years since she had her miscarriage....   i feel for her, because i could not imagine what it must be like to carry a child then to lose it suddenly....   her boyfriend and her are getting along good as always and she misses me.  i miss her too.. she's what i consider to be an older sister/best friend.

as far as luke is concerned (guy i wrote about last entry) we still are friends, but its minimal.  so much for trying to find a friend online.. funny, i found my husband online.... and no friends. oh well.   thats my fault, but i have met two people.. brian and a lady who owns a dachshund that plays with kaci... (her doxie does - haha)  and brian's been my bud. i can talk to him about anything and he'll listen. hell, he put up with talking to destiny the other morning for well over an hour!


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