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27 August 2005 @ 03:09 pm

job.         i applied at ryan's and was hired pretty much the same day i recieved and filled out the application.   wow.

              - i also applied at cingular for a call center job.    call rep.   yeehaw.     

now.. putting two and two together on that one, which job do you think i'd rather have??

             A:      cingular.     i actually had my "preliminary interview" yesterday afternoon with them, i think i did horrible.. evidentally, they thought differently.  after taking "notes" and putting me on hold the woman told me that i was eligible for hire within the company and that i would be contacted by them as soon as an "appointment" was avail.   she gave me a number to call incase i thought there might be an appointment open and they decided not to call me.   eeee.    i'm still suffering from mixed emotions on what she said..  but in life you can't really rely on a maybe or in this case, and appointment thats not currently avail.     

             so...with that typed in here, i'll be going to ryan's unless cingular happens to call me before 9/5.   even if they call me after i'd be stupid not to at least go in for an appointment.. the starting pay is, $9 per hour.. and goes up to $11.50+      i don't have stupid on my head.. so we'll see what it all brings.    until 9/5 i'm staying at the pioneer and working out a week's notice.

i finally took pics of my car.. i'll place them under the cut because i know that the majority of y'all could careless what my explorer looks like or you've probably seen one before..

    (i'm getting a decal for the windshield that has the ford emblems and says "get a little mud on the tires")


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