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04 September 2005 @ 02:18 pm
...now i'm beggin' affection from a man....  

i'm at my parents for a long Holiday weekend. i left friday after work, and am not sure if i'll stay tomorrow night (monday) or leave later on in the evening.    decisions.    i hate making decisions.    but oh well. jeff said it was fien no matter what i decided, but i bet desi will miss me, i know i already miss jeff, kaci and desi.. so i'll prob leave tomorrow.  (homesickness, what can i say ?)

my mom has bought faith hill's new cd, fireflies.    its decent.  different from any other faith album, thats for sure. i'm halfway through the cd, on stealing kisses.. *hence the journal's subject line* 

so last night was the first time in awhile i've been online for longer than 30 mins.   i went into a chatroom and expected the same thing that always happens.. people will talk to me for awhile and once they find out i'm married.. its like there's a wall and they don't want to bother it.. so they just stop talking.   but there was one guy who kept talking to me and said he even wished me the best in my marriage to jeff and that he hopes it works out. i thought that was different... his name is luke...  since almost all of my friends have deserted me.. it was nice to talk to someone, granted, i didn't hang myself out on the line by drawing into my personal life.. it was nice not to have someone ask me a million personal questions.  nah, don't get no ideas about that.  he's just a guy online. amazingly enough i can make friends online now and none in real life... how fun.

so... i start ryans this wednesday. i hope to gosh gas goes down a little. cut me some slack people. i mean seriously who wants to pay $3.25 for a gallon of petrol?   not many people, but unfortunately those of us who don't have public transportation avail or live too far away from work to walk or ride a bike.. we need some relief. gosh.  jeff and i are thinking trading my cavalier was a mistake, but hell.. at the time there was no hurricane and gas prices were somewhat decent... now we have an explorer, which its not that bad on gas but my car would have been better. enough about that though.. i guess you can say i can be very opinionated if i want to be.

so i heard from kim the other day via email. she's doing good.   always nice to hear. its amazing but i never thought an ex boss would become a best friend to me.. but in a way she is. we don't hang out or talk we just email each other anymore.. but its still cool to know that i do have a friend left in nc.

jeff's had the weekend to go hunting around the house... he's had fun from what i understand.. i really believe we both needed this weekend apart.. and besides he got to babysit kaci!   poor dog.. i miss her, i wanted to bring her but with three other dogs .. well, four with my sisters dog... kaci gets really wound up.. so yea...


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