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25 October 2005 @ 11:49 pm
lets rock this bar...  

hey y'all.... been awhile again huh?

i know.. i'm slow at updating...    actually, my latest addiction is MYSPACE.COM... awesome deal there, can't believe none of my friends mentioned it to me sooner!   wanna add me on myspace? click this!!      i have more than a few friends on there from high school, which is kinda cool... along with others of course!

so you're probably wondering how things are going.. well, they're actually pretty good.. financially, i'm doing tons better... i finally have a couple hundred in my account, granted more than half of that is going to my parents.. they covered my ass and paid everything for my vehicle to become 'legal' in NC.  

that all included:

  •  registration    ( registration & tag alone costed well over $200 )
  •  license   
  •  insurance
  •  inspection sticker
  •  tag

so yeah.. its been an eventful month...    with my truck.

as far as jobs go.. i'm at subway now, everyone pretty much thinks i'm the manager there seeing as next to kristie & charles i have the seniority.  yeefloopinhaw.   they're paying me 6.50 and giving me 40 hours.    its not the best job, but its money and i can't complain since its almost winter here and this place thrives on tourism... in the SUMMER.    gah.... i hate touristy places.

jeff has told me that he filed for divorce.    thank gosh.   i really didn't want to have to drive up there pay $40 in gas then whatever the fee would have costed... apparently.. its running him well over $700 because he hired a lawyer to help him fill out the papers.    we have nothing we want from each other so its a clean break.     i'm just happy to know those papers will be in my hands sometime before the end of the year, which means by Christmas i may be a free woman or well on my way to being so.... my one wish for the new year is for the divorce to be final... i don't think i could honestly ask for a better gift.   i know, most peopel don't ask for the gift of a divorce... but when you wanna start over, what can you say... you know?

so y'all like my layout? i snagged it from a place online that makes them for free... angelina jolie is my ballsy bitch... i love her to death... i really want one of those team jolie shirts....anyone know where i can get one cheap?  and don't say ebay! they're not cheap!

Current Mood: sleepysleepy