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a n d. . . if this is AS GOOD AS IT GETS . . . ]]

man [ i THINK i'm good to go ] <3

11 October
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so you've found your way to my page... either your lost, or you're a friend of mine.. either way here's a little intro for those of you who don't know me.
I'm a country girl who has met the man of her dreams.. however, at thesame time i am going through a divorce. Things are quite strange when it comes to my life and what happens. I live for rodeos, nascar, horseback riding, montgomery gentry, dachshunds and many more things in life... i have a puppy who i cite as being my child, she's 10 months old and a hellion... my life isn't always interesting.. its just.. unpredictable.

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i © my husband: JEFF
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